Caravanning with disabilities

For people with a disability, reduced mobility or other special needs, caravanning is a great way to enjoy a holiday without worrying about access or compromising your independence.
An estimated 30,000 Caravan and Motorhome Club member families enjoy caravanning with some form of disability. While not every one of our UK campsites may be suitable, 170 of the Club's 210 sites throughout the country have sufficient modifications to be classified as suitable for wheelchair access and/or walking disabled.

Find a site that's accessible

You can easily find out if a site is accessible – just look under the facilities section of the site details page.
Sites deemed as suitable for wheelchairs normally offer ramp access to a private room with a toilet, shower and hand basin facilities.

Sites deemed as suitable for walking disabled people will have facilities like grab handles and support rails in some of the shower and toilet cubicles. If in any doubt of the suitability of a site, give the warden a call before you book, they’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
Caravan conversions
Many models, both new and second-hand, can be modified, although their suitability depends upon the individual interior layout. The best vehicles for conversion tend to be four-berth models because of the positioning of the toilet/shower cubicle. For new caravans, a specialist converter should be able to make the necessary adaptations while preserving the manufacturer’s warranty.
Motorhomes converted from a panel van are the easiest to convert, because their doors are wider as standard, enabling easy access for wheelchairs via ramps.  Coachbuilt motorhomes usually have steps up to the living area as well as higher floors, making alterations more difficult, but by no means impossible. For new motorhome conversions, make sure the converter has been approved by the motorhome manufacturer.
There are VAT exemptions available in some circumstances for disabled users of caravans and motorhomes - for further information contact your dealer or Customs and Excise Office.