What is noseweight?

Noseweight is the downward force of your caravan’s coupling head on your car’s towball, and it's an important element to consider when choosing a towbar. The downward force decreases as you pick up speed, so it is really important to have a sufficient noseweight when your outfit is stationary.

What should your noseweight be?

This will differ depending on your car manufacturer and your caravan. The general recommended noseweight for towing stability is 5-7% of your caravan’s actual laden weight.

You can find the specific noseweight for your caravan in your car manufacturer’s owner’s handbook. We’ve also got a handy pdf download that lists noseweights for all makes and models.


Information - How noseweight is calculated

The ideal noseweight is based on the car’s suspension, the effects on steering and its traction, and the strength of the towbar and its mounting.

It’s therefore, important not to exceed the recommended noseweight for your car.

Information - If your caravan is tilting

If, once you’ve loaded your caravan, you find it is tilting backwards, your noseweight is too low. Try moving heavier items towards the front of your caravan.

If your find your caravan is tilting forwards, your noseweight is too high. Try moving heavier items to just behind your caravan axle. Or remove payload from the front of your caravan entirely.